Making market-appropriate mixed-use memorable.

Via Metrics provides real estate guidance to the public and private sectors in retail and affordable housing development.

All residents spend money on retail

The average American household spent $7,230 on food purchases in 2019, but the lowest 20% of incomes by household still spent $4,400! Even up-and-coming neighborhoods need retail.

High risk in commercial real estate necessitates data-driven solutions

Minimum qualifications for commercial lenders and investors continue to rise. In addition to vetting new opportunities for the benefit of financiers, get valuable insights specific to your development questions now.

Connections between homes and shops increase the value of both

Before becoming commonplace, combining housing and retail space vertically in a single building was perceived as almost too challenging to make the costs worth it. Today, we can prove the positive leasing impacts of each one on the other.

Years of experience
Streets made vibrant
Private firms re-focused
Cities advised
Submarkets studied

Where We've Been


HART TOD (Tampa, FL)

  • Designing multi-family for healthy ground-level stores
  • Market analysis for retail right-sizing and transition
  • Corridor retail strategies

2228 MLK Jr. Avenue SE (Washington, DC)

  • Retail leasing advising
  • Mixed-use in emerging neighborhoods
  • Public and private sector coordination
Jericho Lands Image

Jericho Lands (Vancouver, BC)

  • Diversity outreach for retail implementation planning
  • Retail planning guidance
  • Projections of new housing impacts on retail demand

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